[Review] Banila Co. Clean It Zero

When you talk about double cleansing, you have to include an oil-based cleanser. I’ve been using various types of cleansing oil from Etude House and Innisfree, but ever since I tried this cleansing sorbet/balm, I AM A CONVERT!

The Banila Co. Clean It Zero Review!

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About the product: 

  • lightweight sorbet-like texture that removes all makeup
  • removes pore-clogging impurities
  • does not dry out the skin, leaving it moisturised

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CFC Lab Argan Glow Hair Oil [Review]

Hello! I’m here with a review for a hair product, the Argan Glow Hair Oil from CFC Lab. Honestly, this is an unknown brand for me, and it was a plunge of faith to purchase this from Althea. I wanted to get free shipping, so I was looking for a product that looks decent enough to add into my cart. This costs about SGD15 on Althea. I would say this is a good buy! Read on more if you’re interested to find out more details about this product 🙂


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[Review] HOT! : Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick

  • Matte Lips Trend – Checked
  • Comfortable Wear – Checked
  • Pigmented – Checked
  • Long-lasting – Checked

Holy Moly! Introducing to you a new must-have you should own and add to your collection

The Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick Review!

About the product:

  • claims to be a revolutionary lipstick which combines lasting-wear, one-swipe colour payoff, velvet touch comfort
  • without parabens, sulfates, phthalates
  • has a creme brulee scent (Kat Von D’s favourite)


  • black studded plastic case
  • lightweight and sturdy, closes with a click

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[Review] HOT! : Laneige Lip sleeping mask

Hello everybody! This post would be a review of the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask. A product I would recommend! I got mine for $18 from Althea which is a steal! I’ve went to various online websites and retail shops, full size 20g product is priced ranging from $22-$28. Click here if you are new to Althea to get a referral of $5 + $20 discount for new members. I am just an average, ordinary Singaporean, barely even a blogger. I am not sponsored (i wish) nor affiliated to any companies in any way. True honest opinions and reviews. I’ll stick to reviewing these products for this post, for more information on Althea, feel free to comment or contact me.

The Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask Review!

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Laneige VS Iope (BB Cushion)

I’ve been an avid fan of BB cushions ever since their launch. I am not a person who switches between beauty products so I have been a loyal customer of Laneige BB Cushion ever since 2014. Give me a moment as I explain my choice of Laneige when there is a myriad of BB cushions out there (including mother cushion Iope)

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[1st Impression] Lips Talk!

I just got back from a South Korea vacation and what do you think of when I say South Korea? COSMETICS!!! Haha sorry, nothing for you if you’re thinking of k-pop, Korean food, dramas, or plastic surgery. The easiest and cheapest thing to bring back (as souvenirs) from the Land of Kimchi is probably their make-up products!

Lips make-up is probably my latest obsession, and finding the right item for your lips is one of the most trickiest thing of makeup for me. Lip colours are just a field of study by themselves. Different skin tone suits different colours, and different colours appear differently on different lips.(demonstration of really limited vocabulary here) It’s really something you gotta try for yourself to find your suited colours. This post is just gonna be a collection of brief summaries of different lip makeup from various brands. [*pics are mainly taken off google]

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[Review] Innisfree Super Volcanic Clay Mask

This is a very long overdue review for this product. There was already many reviews online but I would just like to add mine to the community. It never hurts to read about another opinion! In fact, I bought this and started using since late November 2014 and it’s June 2015 now. I like to review it now that I’ve really used the product for half a year.

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[Review] Skinfood Black Sugar Strawberry Wash-Off Mask

I’m finally back to making reviews and I would like to talk about this product from Skinfood, Black Sugar Strawberry Wash-Off Mask! I’ve decided to make a review about this because my opinion slightly differs from the ones I’ve read prior to my purchase. And! I want to compare this with the original Black Sugar Wash-Off mask.

So we’ll start off this review from its price! For 100ml this may range around SGD20-30? I have not checked out the local retailing prices but it is an expensive product in Taiwan. However, my friend bought it from the Korean stores and apparently it is way cheaper and it’s only like SGD10 or so? So I would say it’s definitely a product value for money!

Next, appearance, it is cutely packaged in a tub. Some people are slightly unhappy about the absence of a spatula, but I’m not that clean and hygienic of a person so after cleaning my hands I just dip my finger in and scoop it backwards so that none get into my nails, and scoop a fair amount so I only have to do it once. It works too, I guess? Haha still rather hygienic.

So down to its job efficiency. I think it is pretty good for its price, it does exfoliates and smells amazing! It smells like strawberry and looks like strawberry jam with these strawberry seeds in it. I believe its main exfoliating ingredient is sugar granules and to be honest I think the strawberry seeds were hardly helpful. Perhaps more for gimmick? This is where I would compare it to the original black sugar mask. Despite not smelling as attractive, I think the original version definitely contained more percentage of sugar granules. Now of course, from the articles I read, the strawberry version is supposed to be gentler as an exfoliating mask, therefore it may be why they reduced the percentage of sugar granules. So do consider if you want it original(black sugar) or gentler(strawberry version).

They are both useful, but I would just like to make further comparisons between the two.

Black Sugar (original)

  1. Higher percentage of sugar granules (or at least by feel)
  2. Leaves skin feeling clean and soft
  3. Produces a heating effect as you exfoliate
  4. Slight black sugar smell
  5. Looks black and weird on your face as you leave it on

Strawberry black sugar (new)

  1. Less percentage of sugar granules, addition of strawberry seeds
  2. Leaves skin clean and soft, with a slight moist feeling (perhaps the addition of strawberry oil)
  3. Produces a heating effect but not as obvious or strong as the original version
  4. Heavenly strawberry scent
  5. Looks better on your face when you leave it on, slightly pinkish and radiant colour

Adding in to point 2 about the after-wash feeling, I would think strawberry version is more moisturizing and perhaps if your skin is on the oily side, the normal version would have been good enough. Otherwise it is also alright to add on sebum-control toner after everything. Just my 2 cents of opinion.

Overall I think I like this product! Maybe 8.5/10 I would give the original 9/10 just because I’m not so concerned about packaging and scent and stuff. Sure they’re a bonus, but I would prefer a product that does its job better 🙂 If I find a better product in the near future I would definitely switch to give it a try. So while this product is a pretty good buy, I wouldn’t say I love it and repurchase.

Must-Watch Korean Dramas that You Should Not Miss!

Today, I decided to compile a list of Korean Dramas I have watched and thought they were wonderful time spent. Nope, these dramas are great entertainment and time spent watching them are not wasted! You know there are those times where you get a free day, and all you wanna do is to just laze around and immerse yourself in a fantasy world. For me, the quickest and cheapest (free) escape from reality is a good drama that allows me to fictionally lead a different life and see how that pans out. Of course in times like this, you don’t wanna come across a bad drama and ruin that mood for you.

Therefore, I came up with this compiled list of dramas I love and would highly likely rewatch them again in the future. This list is only for Korean Dramas, and from the impression of my memory, from whatever I could remember til 2014. The list is in random order, do take note of the rating to gauge my love for the drama. I may be strict with the rating, but any drama that makes it to this post is worth a shot!

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